Master Your Product Data

Sitation is the ultimate partner for e-commerce growth. Serving retailers, distributors, and manufacturers, we provide the strategy, technology, and scalable product data and content services to help your business grow and thrive in the hyper-competitive digital world.
E-Commerce Excellence is Within Reach

Success in today's highly-competitive digital landscape is driven by far more than just systems; it takes efficient and well-defined business processes, data governance, outstanding product content, and a user experience which delivers a lasting impact.

Sitation is the agency to help you achieve and maintain digital merchandising excellence for long-term competitive advantage.

Omnichannel Expertise
Sitation's professional services team drives strategic engagements for digital transformation and other critical e-business initiatives to the delight of our global client base. Advice you can trust, and results you can depend on.
Analyze and Optimize
The e-commerce world runs on data, and Sitation provides critical data services to drive growth and profit. Taxonomy and attribution, product content, and optimization of site search and SEO strategy are key components of our service.
All Aboard
Sitation's Systems Group implements and integrates MDM, PIM, E-Commerce, and Search platforms for mid-market and enterprise customers. Our agile implementation approach allows for rapid onboarding and a fast, efficient launch.
Optimize at Scale
Sitation's proprietary software solution, Plezio, is used by retailers, distributors, brands, and manufacturers to deliver actionable insights to digital merchandising professionals.
Digital Transformation Starts Here

The e-business world is changing fast. Navigating and winning in a rapidly-evolving marketplace requires a partner who can drive change, value, and profit at scale.

Sitation is the partner you've been looking for to get the job done right.