An Efficient Taxonomy Can Benefit Your SEO

by Megan Fitzpatrick

What is Taxonomy? Why is it important to have an efficient one? How does it benefit my SEO?

Taxonomy is the science of classification. We all know about such terms as Genus and Species, and scientists created this infamous system of organization to make the information logical and accessible and keeping everyone on the same page.

While they study organisms, however, we are concerned with product information. Through quality systematic organization, you can provide your customers or users with easily accessible, navigable, and clear information. When customers can use this system with ease, sales will quickly begin to increase, because the products they need are easier to find in a well-organized structure.

An unorganized or chaotic taxonomy of your product information, on the other hand, will leave a customer frustrated and confused.

How Do We Build a Taxonomy?

First, understand what makes a taxonomy good - clarity, consistency, balance, common sense, natural language, etc. Once you have this, you can begin to break down your content. Start by classifying your product categories, like the sections of a grocery store (produce, deli, frozen foods, etc). Then make the aisles and shelves by getting more specific with each of your product categories, these are your sub-categories. Some of these may require further specification, so you will have to make sub-sub-categories (or even deeper for more complicated categorization or larger catalogs).

It is helpful to understand how your customers are shopping to organize the information most logically. Most customers go through three stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. Awareness pertains to learning or discovering the resources to fulfill their needs. In Consideration, a customer is hoping to find the best deal possible. Finally in Decision, the customer has found a solution to their needs; hopefully this involves purchasing from you. Analyzing your customers in each of these stages will help to determine how your data should be classified and presented.

How Does This Benefit Me?

Poor content classification could result in a decrease in sales. An inefficient taxonomy leads to poor user experience, resulting in lower rankings and less buying opportunity. On the other hand, an efficient, well planned taxonomy makes it easier on the user, allowing for increased sales.

Are you ready to take the next step?

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